Brand new 4x2 Hydroponics system with 72 Planting Holes


*** Place order now can free receive A+B hydroponics fertilizers.
- First comers first get till all gives out!

*** Hydroponics system is great for plants and herbs and will save you the trouble of watering them constantly. It comes with a timer that enables you to set an intermittent or continuous feed cycle to optimize root aeration.
- It’s energy-efficient and saves water.
- Growing vegetables can be very clean and environmental.
- Hydroponics enables you to grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits.
- Extremely easy to assemble and use.
- Perfect for beginners! No experience needed.

- Hydroponic plants can be as healthy as soil-grown plants while growing considerably faster.
- Rich nutrient solutions can ensure that hydroponically grown vegetables are as nutritious as soil-grown ones.

*** Net cup size:H45mm x W32mm

*** Remarks: One unit includes, 1, 20 Liter water reservior; 2, tube frame-1set; 3, Hose; 4, Water pump-1pc; 5, Foam cube for starting seed - 96 pcs in 1set; 6, Machenical timer-1pc; 6, Net cup-72pcs; 7, Seedling tray; 8,Hammer.

*** Notice:
- There are some differences in color and measure deviation between picture and real products, please refer to the real product.

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4x2 Hydroponics system with 72 Planting Holes, Buy now, fertilizer free!

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