-Washed Oak
All sizes and prices listing below:

GHOL-W400mm -------------------------$240

Cabinet size: W390 x D210 x H800

Basin: W405 x D220 x H100

GHOL-W750mm -------------------------$360
Cabinet size: W750 x D450 x H850
Basin: W760 x D470

GHOL-W900 mm ------------------------$400
Cabinet size: W900 x D450 x H850
Basin: W9100 x D470

GHOL-W1200 mm ------------------------$590
Cabinet size: W1200 x D450 x H850
Basin: W1210 x D470

Another color is also available: Marble Grey/White Oak/Dark Walnut/White/Wood/Glossy wood

GHOL-400mm: One soft-closing door.
GHOL-750mm: One soft-closing door and two soft-close drawers.
GHOL-900mm: Two soft-closing doors and two soft-close drawers.
GHOL-1200mm: Two soft-closing doors in the middle and two soft-close drawers in the right and left sides respectively.

*** Vanity Material:

- High-end white ceramic basin with smooth textures, characterize as low maintenance, scratch resistant, hygienic and durable.
- Cabinet made of the high quality, 100% waterproof plywood which is crafted for withstanding humid climate and bathroom condition of high moisture.

*** Notice:
- There are some differences in color and measure deviation between picture and real products, please refer to the real product.
- The price is included cabinet and white ceramic basin only.

Floor Standing Plywood Vanity- 400/750/900/1200- Washed Oak