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MULTIFUNCTIONAL You can easily convert it to indoor or outdoor use, great for vegetables, herbs, plants, succulents, and flower growing. Space saver! Easy to assemble and disassemble. No installation tools are required – simple slip and snap.

PREMIUM MATERIAL High-quality PP material built to last for years without much care and maintenance. Designed to withstand different weather conditions! Durable and stable, strongly supporting the garden bed and plant weight. Lightweight enough for easy transport and placement.

ATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE It has a decorative design, ideal for planting and displaying in your balcony, roof, terrace, garden, backyard, or on the corners of your living room. Save space and beautify the place!

SELF-WATERING PATTERN Designed in a way that you conserve water – stop the water leaking, seeping, or evaporating so you, in turn, less usage. It has a water barrier & bottom board design, filtering excess from the soil and storing it in the bottom boards -helping plants absorb water and nutrition completely. Drains holes with small buttons providing good breathability for plant growth and drains excess water when needed.


Sizes available and Price:

Single - Small  W300 X D300 X H220 $17

Single - Standard  W400 X D400 X H220 $20

Single - Deep  W400 X D400 X H370 $32

Double - Small W600 X D300 X H220 $32

Double - Standard W800 X D400 X H220 $37

Double - Deep W800 X D400 X H370 $51

Triple - Standard W1200 X D400 X H220 $51

Triple - Deep W1200 X D400 X H370 $71

Home Garden Indoor Outdoor Planter Vegetables Flowers Planting Pallet Box